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VibesUp Energy Bracelet

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The VibesUP™ gemstone matrix material is created from a specific ratio of tourmaline, quartz and 12 other minerals which are placed under pressure to generate a piezoelectric signal. As the piezoelectric signal passes through the gemstone material and essential oils, it carries the frequencies of the essential oils embedded within it to everything it comes in contact with. In essence, the gemstone matrix functions as a natural source of bioavailable electrons and protons in proper balance for your body to utilize.

This piezoelectric signal has the ability to up regulate key pathways by supporting genetic expression.  The VibesUp wearable line can upregulate autophagy for anti-aging, can reduce histamine production reducing mast cell activation, boost glutathion production, reduce pain, and more.  The bracelet is worn on the wrist where the entire blood supply passes by every 2 minutes.  When the cells pass by, they receive a boost in genetic expression using electrical signals.

In addition to this amazing technology, because the essential oils are embedded into the wristband/bracelet itself, there is virtually no odor and no oils that you need to apply. The VibesUp wearable line wristband or bracelet, comes “pre-set” with a blend of essential oils which are formulated for specific health /Genomic and environmental issues.

Note: The VibesUp wearable line products are safe for continuous use. Since the oils are embedded within the gemstone material which is under pressure, there is little to no scent or smell and no need to apply additional oils. And, you can wear up to 4 different VibesUP bracelets at the same time!

HOW DO THEY WORK? This Bracelet is made with extra concentrated, earth squishy formula containing blends of nature ingredients in an amplifying liquid crystal delivery with therapeutic gemstones, flower essences and essential oils that are published and known to be helpful in this specific area.

Sublingual whole-body delivery? What is sublingual style delivery? Sublingual refers to when remedies are placed under the tongue where we have veins very close to the surface. These remedies can be absorbed and carried very efficiently and non-invasive via the veins to every cell of the body every 60 seconds. The other place on our bodies that the veins are close to the surface is our WRISTS! 

IV DRIP? A famous Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto shocked the world with his actual photos of how powerfully 'energy' instantly effected liquids! As the wrap embraces the wrist its natural vibrational energy is now in close contact with the liquid of our veins. Now, imagine what an impression all those nature vibes are having. Remember how our blood can help deliver remedies to every cell of our bodies every 60 seconds! When we put this all this together it's easy to imagine how powerful this wrist wrap can be and why some nickname it 'Nature's IV drip!' 

Built-in Batteries! Additionally, the band has tiny natural quartz crystal batteries that in their compressed state produce over 1 million rays of natural energy per second (piezo). They never run out of natural energy! When energy rays are infrared whatever they pass through they can pick up the information (nature ingredients) and gently deliver it to whatever it touches next (us!) Imagine all that nature's wisdom and balance delivered to our whole body’s yummy infrared deep! 

Bracelet - Will VELCRO AROUND to most Wrist Sizes, cup or bottle, raising the energy or vibration of anything the strip touches.

It can only be ‘whole body' effective when worn on the wrist with strip touching the vein area. 

Each inner strip keeps on working and never needs replacing.

*GRID your body suggestion. You can create a full-body Grid by wearing FOUR. One on each wrist and ankle. When you put specific energy in 4 corners, the area inside becomes that same energy.

NOT JUST FOR STRESS SUFFERERS: BREATHING WELL INCREASES OUR OXYGEN which increases our VIBE, energy, and feeling of well being. The BRACELETS could also be called BREATHE because they contain Gemstones & Essential oils that are known to  increase Oxygen intake in a SPECIAL PATENTED VIBE DELIVERY that WORKS!

DISCLAIMER: These products are not intended to be used for the purposes of diagnosing or curing any ailment or disease. They are not intended to take the place of any licensed medical doctor’s advice or treatment. Lighten Up Therapy assume no responsibility for your actions using products provided.