We have a team of specialists to support you in bringing your health back into balance. For more information or to book an appointment for any of our services, please call 780-853-2999 or email

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Can assist with Smoking Cessation, Trauma Release, Weight Release, Reframing Beliefs, Regression Therapy, Past Life Therapy, Exam Anxiety, Stress Relief, Sleep Issues, and more! Get your mind working for you instead of against you! This service is available online as well as in person.
Sessions are between 1-3 hrs.

Nutritional Muscle Testing

Tired of spending money on supplements and not knowing if they are right for YOUR body? Get your body tested for imbalances and let your body tell you the priority of what needs to be worked on and which herbs will be most beneficial.
Session is 30 minutes 


RESET is a simple, painless, effective method used to rebalance the jaw. Benefits include: reduced or eliminated headaches, sinus problems and migraines, more balanced glands and hormones, less tension in 80% of muscles in the body.
Session is 1 hour

Body Balancing

Body Balancing is a gentle hands on way to keep your meridians (energy pathways) flowing to your muscles, nerves and organs. While lying fully clothed, the body is balanced and realigned.
Session is 30 minutes 

Tong Ren

Tong Ren Therapy is a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western medicine, and the theory of the collective unconscious. It is said that all sources of pain are due to a blockage of Chi (energy) within the body. This service is available online as well as in person.
Sessions range from 30-60 minutes. 

Tuning Forks and Colour

This combination takes us back to a state of harmony and balance as deeply as DNA level if necessary. Allows for change on all levels, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This treatment is very relaxing.
Session is 1 hour 

Reflexology & Dien Chan and Chan'Beaute 

Reflexology works with reflex points on your feet, face and hands. It primarily reduces stress, tension, and relieves pain. 

Sound Wellness Session

Sound is one of the most powerful healers! Enjoy a Sound Wellness session involving drum, rattles, singing bowls, crystal pyramid, tuning forks, and more! Or you can just book for a personalized Sound Bath! Each session is personalized, fully clothed, and ranges from 30-60 minutes.

Spiritual Energy Clearings

If you have tried everything and you still have a repeating pain or event in your life, you may need an energy clearing. These clearings can be done by distance and involve clearing or gaining awareness of past, parallel and current life times, as well as programs, contracts, soul records and agreements.

Ionic Foot Bath

Support your body to optimal health with detoxing. Used to cleanse and detoxify the body using ions. 30 minutes

End of Life Doula

End of Life Doula helps advocate, empower and educate people and their support circle in navigating the end stage journey. This includes: facilitating family meetings, personal directives, advanced care planning, legacy work, respite for caregivers, and more! 

Chakra Run, Cleanse, Balance

Using a variety of tools and techniques, the practitioner runs, cleanses and balances your chakras while you lay fully clothed on a table.

Crystal Healing and Aligning

Our trained practitioner places crystals on and around you to balance the energies in your body. This is a very relaxing session!

Emotional Freedom Technique

Commonly referred to as EFT works with releasing blocked or stuck energy in your body. This modality works at release past traumas and held emotions, so that you feel lighter physically and emotionally.

Personal Coaching

Need some accountability, clarity, or support reaching your goals? These sessions can save you time, energy and money! 

Grief Recovery

Get support from a trained Grief Recovery Specialist to help you with your grief. This can be grief of losing a loved one, a pet, changing jobs, moving, being diagnosed with an illness, divorce or simply the effects of what is going on in the world.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage, Raindrop, Aromatherapy, Deep Relaxation massages available.

Manual Osteopath

Align your body with the help of Manual Osteotherapy.