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The Trifecta of Joy

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HELP yourself in a world of change



is the self help book for people who know there must be more, want it now, and want it to be easy.


Join Tanya on an adventure through some of her biggest wtf moments as she offers you a path through your own with an invitation to create deeper awareness, befriend your inner critic, and raise your vibe! To HELP yourself.


By the end of The Trifecta of Joy you'll be more intentional, understand why you are who you are, and have simple strategies to live more presently and enJOY life starting right now.


Tanya is an absolute powerhouse of authenticity and love! The Trifecta of Joy draws on Tanya's 30+ years of professional and personal experience to provide you practical strategies for navigating life's challenges and finding joy in everyday perfect imperfection! - Jessica Brothers