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Selenite Chakra Charging Set

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Introducing our Selenite Chakra Charging Plate Set, featuring 8 mini square plates, each adorned with a colored engraved symbol. Align your energy centers with precision using the chakra-specific colors, while the gold-toned Seed of Life symbol amplifies overall vitality. Elevate your crystal healing practice with this versatile and visually stunning set.

SYMBOL: This set embodies balance and holistic wellness. Each piece, representing the seven chakras and the Seed of Life symbol, signifies harmony and alignment of mind, body, and spirit. It fosters spiritual growth, energy flow, and inner peace, promoting holistic well-being and connection to universal consciousness.

STONE PROPERTIES: Selenite is a potent cleansing stone, dispelling negativity and protecting against malevolent spirits. It can be employed for reprogramming other stones, scrying, and energy grids. This crystal fosters mental clarity, emotional healing, and alleviates post-traumatic stress. Additionally, Selenite’s purifying properties facilitate meditation, enhance intuition, reduce stress, support spiritual growth, and create a serene ambiance for mindfulness.