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Reiki Mist 60ml

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The burning of Sage is commonly known as “smudging” and has been practiced by many indigenous people throughout North America. Smudging can help clear away negative energy from the space around you, and replenish it with positive energy. However burning Sage and other herbs is not always practical in an office or work setting. The solution is Reiki Mist! Created with a unique blend of sage, minerals, natural herbs and oils formulated to cleanse negative energies around you, each bottle uses Positive Intentions to help promote healing using the power of Reiki. Reiki Mist is made by hand using a special formula developed by a Reiki Master and Intuitive Healer. She formulated the mist for the specific purpose of clearing unwanted dense and negative energies from your surroundings and replacing them with positive energy, filled with love and light. The mist has an amazing scent and contains many precious ingredients including:
  • Sage – Clears negative energy
  • Lavender – Calming properties
  • Juniper – Positive protective energy & detoxification
  • Frankincense – Energizing
  • Cedar – Grounding
  • Himalayan Rock Salt – Detoxification
How to use: Gently shake bottle. Spray in areas where you detect negative or stagnant energy or areas that simply need re-energized. Only 1-2 sprays in each area will be necessary. After spraying, invoke a personal intention or simply call in love and light into the space. Applications: The Reiki Mist has many applications including:
  • In your office
  • In your car
  • After an illness
  • After a disagreement, break-up, emotional upheaval, or trauma
  • Anytime you detect negative or unwanted energy in your space
  • Before an important meeting
  • After encountering negative people
  • Before and after parties or open houses etc.