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Manage Your Menopause Naturally by Maryon Stewart

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Menopause has historically been treated as a problem to be solved or an illness to be cured, not the natural process it is. Many modern books on menopause offer worthy insights and advice, others are written in bewildering medicalese, and many others recommend unproven, piecemeal approaches to various symptoms.

Here, Maryon Stewart outlines something different: a wonderfully comprehensive six-week Natural Menopause Solution with steps that a woman can take immediately to feel better right away. A series of detailed questionnaires helps women assess which areas of their lives most need addressing - from brain fogginess and mood swings to painful sex, weight gain, and complexion issues.

Stewart then shows readers exactly what to do, nutritionally and in other areas of their lives, to overcome their symptoms. The powerful results of Stewart's program don't end after six weeks; instead, they point the way toward not just a good life, but a life that's better than ever.