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Happy Home Sacred Smudge Kit

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This kit helps to clear, balance, purify and cleanse away negative or stuck energies in your home, bringing in peace, harmony, positive energy and emotional balance.

The most effective and easy way to use for home cleansing and blessing a house.

CLEARS negative energy, PROTECTS your living space and REVITALIZES your inner peace.

This HAPPY HOME SACRED SMUDGE KIT contains a sage smudge stick, a Palo Santo wood stick, an abalone shell, a Happiness essential oil votive candle, a smudging feather, loose sage leaves, 4 tumbled stone crystals, and a full colour smudging guide with prayers included.

The Happy Home Elements are brought together with the holy wood from the sacred Earth Palo Santo tree, Abalone shell from the Sea, Fire when burning the votive candle and smudge, and Air as the smoke drifts around your space. The crystals are essential for bringing in positive and healing energy to a space and removing negative energy.

Place the crystals in various places in your home as you energetically sense they need to be placed. For ideas, see descriptions below.

❤︎Clear Quartz❤︎ is thought to be a Master Healer. It is a perfect stone for amplifying your intention, as well as the effect of other stones. Increases physical and mental energy, perseverance, and patience. Re-directs negative energy to a positive state. Enables one to laugh and love more easily. 

❤︎Rose Quartz❤︎ is thought to be the stone of Universal love. It stimulates and attracts love. Promotes peace and happiness. Emits a calming energy. Reinstates self love, gentle love. Brings fidelity and peacefulness to existing relationships. Place in bedroom.

❤︎Amethyst❤︎ is thought to be the stone of peace. It calms fears, raises hopes, lifts spirits, strengthens commitments. Aids good judgement. Excellent energy healer, especially with emotional issues. Place in living room.

❤︎Carnelian❤︎ is thought to be the stone of protection and security. It is a joyful stone and transmits warmth, protection, and inner security to its surroundings. The energy of carnelian resembles a peaceful, warm afternoon filled with genuine happiness. Place in kitchen.

* All items are ethically and sustainably grown and sourced.