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Sun and Bear Paw Tribal Drum

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Approx. 37.5 cm diameter

Tribal drums, otherwise known as frame drums, are one of the most ancient musical instruments. They have a simple structure with strong spiritual and entertaining effects. Our frame drums are handmade from cow hide and sinew on a mulberry wood frame, then painted.

The bear paw is found in many Native American works of art and is seen as a symbol of strength and healing. The sun also represents healing energy. It is recognized as a giver of life and a provider of warmth.

Note that these natural leather drums are affected by temperature and humidity fluctuations during shipping. Ideally, store them in a warm dry location and they will acclimatize in approximately 5 days. Tuning is quickly done with a warm hairdryer blown across the drum surface (not too close) - the leather will contract, resulting in a tighter fit.