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The Sacred Clutter-Clearing Journal

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 What if there were one single, powerful practice to help you improve eerything in your life? There is: clutter clearing. Though simple, it's not always easy on journal gives you the expert guidance and deep inspiration to clear clutter in all its forms from your home and your life.

In these pages, Denise Linn draws on her successful online clutter-clearing course for tools that delve much deeper than simply cleaning or organizing. The journal explores the emotional roots of our clutter, why we hold on to it, why we should release it, and the energy around it, with thought-provoking questions and spaces for writing down your reflections.

Next, Denise takes readers room by room in their home and explains the purpose of each room, steps for clearing clutter, Feng Shui tips, questions for reflection, and specific affirmations. She also speaks to other forms of clutter in our lives that we need to release, such as time, relationships, and even our thoughts. The journal concludes with a 14-day clutter-clearing journey that encourages readers to clear clutter each day with intention.

The result of doing this work is not just a more organized and clean home, but a sense of having room to breathe, the ability to move freely through each day, and the feeling of being more vibrant and empowered in every area of your life.