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Tantra Made Easy

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An introductory guide to the sacred sexuality practices of Tantra and how you can weave them together to create wholeness in your life.

Tantra is often described as the 'path of love' or 'the way of the heart'. It is a spiritual path that brings apparent opposites into unity so that life can flow with ease. Sexuality is fused with spirituality, masculine with feminine, playfulness with depth, and the dark shadows of the psyche with the light of conscious awareness. And the catalyst for this union is love. In this book, sacred sexuality teacher Shashi Solluna explains how Tantric practices can help you become fully alive and move from sex to spirit and from spirit to sex in a creative dance of life. You will learn:

- the philosophy of Tantra as a spiritual path
- different ways to explore your own sexuality
- techniques to open your heart and cultivate sacred relationships
- how to activate your sexual energy and experience a richer, more fulfilling sex life
- how to unite the physical with higher spiritual consciousness through intimacy, sensuality and orgasm

This title was previously published under the title Tantra (Hay House Basics series).