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Animal Spirit Wisdom

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In this full-color pocket guide featuring beautiful animal photos, the authors introduce 45 important spirit animals alphabetically and explore their wisdom, special energies, and how to connect with them. They provide a meditative journey to help you discover which animal is your personal soul companion and offer practices - such as observing your dreams, carving or drawing your animal guide, or opening the book to a random page - to intuitively find the right power animal for a given situation or for support and protection in a difficult period.

Is your spirit animal an eagle, deer, or wolf, or will you be surprised to find connections to a hummingbird, dolphin, or fire salamander? With this reference, you can call on the healing power of the bear to strengthen your body and keep calm, the far-reaching and precise vision of the hawk to see imbalances in your life, or the intelligence of the owl to make wise decisions. This book offers an accessible starting point for your journey of discovery through the diverse kingdom of spirit animals.